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First verse is also the chorus:

I'd like to tell you, in a thousand ways.

Set fire to love & then just watch it blaze!
I'd like to hold you while I sing your praise.

Tell how I love you & you'd be amazed!

I'm the girl who won it all, then lost,

I sit in silence as I count the cost,

Holding back, I never took the prize,

Now I see you look into another's eyes!


I'm left with nothing but a memory.

I look in anguish, I can't bear to see

The dreadful moment when you slipped away,

I hate that feeling & I hate that day!


Each night torments me with a nagging pain!

I try to stop it, but I try in vain!

Its like a nightmare that I can't forget!

Its filled with crying & a deep regret!


You never heed the warnings when you just don't know!

You can watch it over, you can run it slow,

See the tragic ending & my sad demise,

But Life will always take you when its by surprise!