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In February 2013 I was sat at my dining room table, browsing Twitter on my laptop, when a group of tweets caught me eye. They were by a woman who was mourning the sudden end of what she had thought was a promising and blossoming relationship. She wrote of her sorrow, her disappointment and her feelings of betrayal.

Some of her thoughts sounded quite poetic. I mulled them over in my mind as a sad song was playing, in the background, on my radio. I listened to the song and - inspired by the tweets I had read - I came up with a couple of alternative lines of lyrics that seemed to fit. I quickly fired up my word processing software and, within 30 minutes, I had written my first published song: ‘LOVE ME TO EXTREME’.

Like most people with any kind of love of language, I had - at various times during my life - dabbled with writing poetry and song lyrics. I seldom completed anything and always had a notepad filled with unfinished work!

This time, to my amazement, I romped through the composition without a pause!

A week or so later, I  saw a link on a website where a singer/musician with a Home Studio, was offering to record songs for a bit of pocket money. I sent off my song and thought nothing more about it until, three weeks later, I received an email with a link to download my song as an audio file.

I had deliberately kept my expectations low, but - on opening the file - I was completely blown away! My lyrics, that had sounded only moderately interesting in my head and on the page, had become an amazing song!

This song was my first to ever be recorded: LOVE ME TO EXTREME