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He stole the love of all my friends,

He left them broken hearted,

His pick up lines are best in class,

They're under his spell when he's started!

He hunts their hearts relentlessly,

His face lights up when they're smitten,

His heart is like a bear trap's jaws,

You crash to the ground when you're bitten!

He doesn't ask if he can have your love,

He doesn't seek permission

He wants your heart to hurt you bad,

He's an evil man on a mission!

When it comes to love, he's a terminator,

So lock up your daughters forever,

He's not a man, girl, he's a machine,

And he won't stop..... Ever

I'm a girl who was out for vengence,

I was the match you feared to meet,
YOU fell for ME, then I stamped on you,

I'm the meanest thing on the street!

I saw you hanging with your friends,

In your French designer hoody,

The moment you set your eyes on me,

It was sianara, buddy

I crumpled your heart like a paper cup,

With my swift & deadly attack,

So, next time you tell a girl you lover her,

remember:  I'll..... be...... back!