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I was dreaming of a day that's long ago,

Standing at the door, I watched a good girl go,

Her hair was gold, her eyes were deepest blue,

Hesitation froze my mind, now what's a guy to do?



 Seize the day! Seize the Day!

 Take your doubts, sweep them away!

 Seize the day! Seize the day!

 Or your heart will make you pay!

Your dream comes true, you let it pass you by,

Some mistakes are too bad to deny,

Looking back they'll make you want to cry,

Feeling lost & hopeless, asking "why?"


"If only" is a place it hurts to go,

It leaves you feeling hollow, feeling low,

Regret's a poision working really slow,

Drink it in & down's the place you'll know!


Get it wrong, regret it at all your life

Years of feeling happy turn to strife

Desperation haunts when doubts are rife

You fall upon your sadness like a knife


My mind is always aching for your love,

Your heart fitted mine just like a glove,

So now I sing this song for you my dove,

A lonely serenade to the moon above.


SEIZE THE DAY David Lipari