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Life is never easy, it has its ups and  downs,

I am far from perfect, I'll bring you smiles, I'll bring you frowns,

But I am a tryer and I'll try my best for you,

You can make me golden, when I'm feeling blue.

Helen, this is forever and a day,
Helen, don't you ever go away,

If I ever lost you, my precious number one,

You'd plunge me into darkness, you'd take away my sun.

Think about a Summer's Day, that's how you make me feel,

When I'm feeling wooden, you can make me real,

I'm no Mr Superman, I simply can't deny,

But darling, I'm the piggy, who'll one day learn to fly!


They say that life's a compromise, no compromise for me,

I waited till I found the best, its clear as A B C,

The road may rise, the road may fall, but I will never tire,

You're my inspiration & you always light my fire!


If this were Medievil, I'd be your dashing Knight,

I'd ride my charger furiously, beat every guy in sight!

I'd take on every challenger, from near and then from far,

And every night I'd serenade you, like this on my guitar!


For everybody in this world, there's just one who's right,

I've never felt this sure before, I know the future's bright!

I'm taking stock of all I have & girl, you are so neat,

Now that you're part of me, my whole life is complete!


HELEN David Lipari